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Activities and Tour for independent travelers and their families. If you aren't sure what to do you when you arrive to Australia, discover all the wonder from down under with the amazing experiences we offer for your Australian adventure.

Our Australian experiences is designed for everyone. If we are looking for a quick day or week adventure we have it all for small and large groups. We offer everything from touring the beautiful country, amazing desert sunsets to snorkeling coral reef and many more. All you need to do is imagine the experience and we can tailor it for your perfect experience.

Experience The Best Of Australia

Travel Across the Australian Outback

This 3 Day Uluru (Ayres Rock) Adventure is the perfect short trip for those wanting to experience icons of the Australian Outback in a narrow time frame. Witnessing the ancient monolith Uluru bathed in both early morning and late afternoon light is a sight that will never be forgotten. Likewise, the towering facade of Kings Canyon, and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) will leave impressions upon your memory forever. Enjoy an evening of open air Outback dining – our 1,000 Star Dinner.

Meet the Unique Animals of Australia

Travelling across the vast Nullarbor Plain is not only one of the world’s great road trips, but a unique opportunity to encounter native Australian wildlife up close. Spot kangaroos, wombats, emus and rare birds in remote national parks, enjoy stunning bush scenery and kick back in character-filled Aussie outback pubs. Up through southern Western Australia to Margaret River wine country and finishing in Perth, this adventure tour is ideal for those wishing to experience a nature-filled journey through Australia’s wild landscapes.

Visit Naturally Stunning Tasmania

On any given drive throughout Australia’s rugged outback, the land slowly shifts from flourishing forests to rugged mountains as you amble down the long stretches of tarmac. Tasmania’s charm comes capturing all of the country’s lush natural glory in an easily navigated bite-sized package. From the panoramic vistas atop Mount Wellington to the shimmering coast of Wineglass Bay, the rustic buildings of Hobart to the riversides of Launceston, Tasmania is Australia’s best-kept secret – a mystical island lying at the end of the world.

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